Trabener Kräuterhaus Auslese, Markus Molitor 1989: what a wine!

As many of you already know, I have a bit (just a small tiny bit) of a thing for Riesling, especially for those coming from Mosel 🇩🇪.Rieslings are capable of ageing for very long periods in time and when you’re lucky enough to get to taste them, it’s always a mind blowing experience!This 1989 @weingut_markusmolitorContinue reading “Trabener Kräuterhaus Auslese, Markus Molitor 1989: what a wine!”

Skin Contact

It’s harvest time and summer is gone leaving the pace to autumn. No, I’m not excited about autumn arriving at all with its cold temperatures and the following winter, but about harvest… yes I am! It reminds me a lot of when I was a child and grandpa used to harvest his vines of “uvaContinue reading “Skin Contact”

Grow baby, grow!

July has arrived and these long, warm, sunny days are a real energy boost: summer has always been my favourite season among all, even when temperatures rise up to sticky 40°. I love the feeling of the burning sand under your feet and the salty aftertaste of the sea when you go swim, or walkingContinue reading “Grow baby, grow!”

Spring and Chablis

It is, finally, the first sunny Saturday in May. I breath deeply. The air starts to feel warm again and I walk throught my city’s streets determined to go up there, to that place that is one of my heart’s. I really like Spring. I keep on walking, climbing the little stairs: they’re so many,Continue reading “Spring and Chablis”