Emotions · Wine

Grow baby, grow!

July has arrived and these long, warm, sunny days are a real energy boost: summer has always been my favourite season among all, even when temperatures rise up to sticky 40°. I love the feeling of the burning sand under your feet and the salty aftertaste of the sea when you go swim, or walking through the vines and see all those beautiful bunches growing day by day, that from veraison turn slowly to their final colour: a beautiful reminder of how things in life change naturally. It is so fascinating to me, I find it a perfect metaphor. Nature moves at its own pace, follows its seasons and its rithm and so does life. Veraison could be seen as our teens: the moment in which we start showing our colours, even though we still need the “nutrients” from the vines – our adults and support – in order to ripen fully and become (hopefully!) grown-ups. I must admit I know “aged” grown-ups who are still in their veraison and would need a futher ripening period, though… but let’s leave that for another post!  Cheers!


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