The Winey Soul goes to Lake Garda

July tickled us with a super sunny weekend last week and finally summer has arrived. And it is just perfect, especially when I mean to write an article about those gorgeous rosè wines that would flood our glasses as soon as the first rays of spring weather start showing u!I know what you’re thinking rightContinue reading “The Winey Soul goes to Lake Garda”

Skin Contact

It’s harvest time and summer is gone leaving the pace to autumn. No, I’m not excited about autumn arriving at all with its cold temperatures and the following winter, but about harvest… yes I am! It reminds me a lot of when I was a child and grandpa used to harvest his vines of “uvaContinue reading “Skin Contact”

Choices: my time for reds!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you need to make choices. Regardless of how important they are or what they are about, they always take you out of your comfort zone. Sometimes we indulge in situations – even when we don’t like them too much – just because we’re too afraid (or lazy,Continue reading “Choices: my time for reds!”

Grow baby, grow!

July has arrived and these long, warm, sunny days are a real energy boost: summer has always been my favourite season among all, even when temperatures rise up to sticky 40°. I love the feeling of the burning sand under your feet and the salty aftertaste of the sea when you go swim, or walkingContinue reading “Grow baby, grow!”

Blending people 

Sunday morning: finally some well deserved relax! Woke up late, had a nice, smooth, long breakfast and then what I love the most: a good book – about wine, for a change! And I can’t help thinking of my last trip, of the amazing group I was with: amazing professionals, but amazing human beings asContinue reading “Blending people “


I’m on one of my wine trips on these days. In this occasions, for entire days I’m surrounded by top sommeliers from all over the world and wine journalists or bloggers: can you imagine what our conversations sound like? Wine, wine every moment, wine in its every possible form of discussion, to the point thatContinue reading “Wonderlust “

Vintage magic 

The Mille Miglia is a world-famous memorial car race that takes place in Italy every year, from 1927, with only a few years in which it didn’t run. Cars drive through an open-road circuit from Brescia to Rome and back, for total of more or less 1600km, 1000 Roman Miles – and that is whereContinue reading “Vintage magic “

Mom in a glass

Sunday it was “mother’s day” here and, just like every year, we spent it together and, just like every year, she was moved almost to tears when I arrived at her place with a flower bouquet for her. And, I mean: isn’t it just like the bare minimum?? I’m not a mother and I believeContinue reading “Mom in a glass”