Choices: my time for reds!

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you need to make choices. Regardless of how important they are or what they are about, they always take you out of your comfort zone. Sometimes we indulge in situations – even when we don’t like them too much – just because we’re too afraid (or lazy, or scared, or uncertain, you choose) of the changes that making a choice would involve – because they always happen and the worst part is that we can’t foresee what’s going to happen next. But: is this really the worst part? I’m not that sure… the worst part, to me, is actually making your call, or taking a position, or speaking up for yourself with a clear mind, and all what comes next – in the end – is only the result of your decisional process. So, the next question is: does right and wrong exist when it comes to choices? If I think of all the decisions I have made in my life, from the easiest ones to the most difficult, I belive I can identify the golden rules that worked for me:

  1. don’t overthink (which sounds quite like a joke said from me, a natural overthinker!): take your time, sleep on it, talk about it with your closest ones, go dancing, go walking, see your friends, you can even try crying a few tears if it helps releasing the stress, but don’t focus all your energies and attention on that issue,  it would only make you see things worse or bigger than they are;
  2. no fear: of any kind. No wrong decisions can be made and no panic on the consequences. Only you know what’s inside of you and what led you to that specific choice you’re about to make, so don’t fear other people’s judgment (easy to say, not always so easy to cope with though)
  3. a glass of wine always helps (just one!!)… better if red! And here, my choice is easy: Dolcetto d’Alba is what I find really comforting when I need to make a decision!

Ok, I must admit this looks very simplicistic and that it takes a bit of effort to face some situations. But we still have one last option, which I was told a few years ago by someone wise: “If you’re uncertain and you can’t decide just pick a side and flip a coin: when it will be about to fall on the ground you will know for sure what you’re hoping for”…and that is just so true! Have you ever tried?

So, now: guess what I’m gonna drink tonight??




Wine of the day:

Dolcetto d’Alba DOC 2015, Roagna

Ruby red with purplish reflections, on the nose is fruity, black cherry and black currant mingle with forest floor and hints of oak. Medium bodied, with chewy tannins: I find incredibly soft for a Dolcetto, with a nice acidity in the finish.

Here you’ll find the tech sheet of this beautiful wine!

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