Red sparkling life

It’s being quite a hectic month this June, both workwise and personally. In the long working days I’m spending travelling around I get to meet so many people, new and known. I’m going to places that mean something to my personal life for many reasons and, even though I’m there for work, this gets me thinking a lot – which might not be a good thing, for the “over-thinker” I can become at times. What am I thinking about? About relationships, mostly. I don’t mean only romantic relationships, though.
Is our past our present? How easy or difficult is it to let go? These are just some of the questions that popped up in my mind and that I’m trying to find an answer for. I strongly believe that our present is like a cuvée of all the different vintages of life – bad ones included, it goes without saying – and of course they all affect the glass that I’m holding in my hand just now.  It seems a complete mess and  when you taste it, it feels a bit awkward: it is like a sparkling Shiraz from Australia, with happy bubbles, oaky notes and gripping tannins. And you know what? it’s funky! But hey, do you really expect life to be the way you’d want it to be?? No, hell no, but this wine summs it up perfectly: bubbles from the happy time, tannins from the diffucult moments, oak as some memories you’d like to forget and sweet, jammy red fruits that help you remember that you’ll aways find some good. There it is, the answer I gave to myself, all in just one glass of wine.
Life is awsome because you never know what’s going to happen next. And that funky bubbly red might end up becoming your favorite. Or maybe not, so you’ll try your best to find something different, that suites you best. That’s what happened to me, at least. People come and go, you get hurt, you can also hurt others – and this happens in every kind of relationships. Every sip after the first one has a slight different taste and slowly you get used to it: the tannins in a sparkler won’t feel too strange anymore and you understand that this wine is just like every other. Taste it deeply, take notes if you need them, make your own evaluations and then make your choice: take or toss?




Wine of the day:

Deakin Azahara Sparkling Shiraz

Australia, Victoria

Nose: quite intense, with red fruits and chocolate

Palate: Plums, liquorice and ground white pepper, berries and spicy notes



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