Thank you for the patience!

I find it curious how one of the things I like the most, wine, requires such a huge amount of patience: a quality that isn’t one of my strong points, I must admit. I mean: i am the one who is made fun of in the office because at times I can be polemical or have a short temper. But as it often happens, to me at least it does a lot, opposites attract and wine became both a great passion and some sort of school of patience. There’s so much about that: from the vineyard, the lovely grape juice might take 10, 15, 20 years before being ready to drink (think of some old school Barolo). And in the vineyard, you need to wait a whole year, following the vine’s life cycle – and you can do nothing about it, but being patient. Or else: If you want to get to the higher education level, patience must be your best allied: it will take years to get there and, most of the times, not on first try. You need patience to taste a wine, to learn how to do it without feeling completely lost or the only one who doesn’t smell a thing (we all were there, right?!). The most important part of this, though, is that patience isn’t a passive waiting; it is, instead, a continuous call to action toward your goals, no matter what they are. .



Wine of the day: 

Rocca di Montemassi 2008

Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Syrah

I haven’t tasted it yet, I’m waiting for the right moment, so be patient. The tasting notes will come!

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