Blending people 

Sunday morning: finally some well deserved relax! Woke up late, had a nice, smooth, long breakfast and then what I love the most: a good book – about wine, for a change! And I can’t help thinking of my last trip, of the amazing group I was with: amazing professionals, but amazing human beings as well. They were one of the best blend I’ve ever had… and I had quite a few in these last years! During all the long preparation days before the events I often look at those lists of names, wondering how they will get along and if they will. It’s pretty much like assemblage for Champagne and you feel a little chef de cave who’s working on the best cuvée, blending these varietals from different countries and different vintages. Apparently difficult, but it can turn out in a perfect vintage wine, just like 2003 for Dom Perignon: tough, but someone had to do it, right?! 

Mine is a privileged point of view and it is fun to see how the people involved in the trips, who are strangers to each other in the beginning, become real friends after just a few days. We all play in the same field, with the same rules, and from that starting point it’s easy to connect and get closer. And when after quite a long time they tell you that they’re still in touch and thank you for the experiences they shared together, you can only think of that perfect blend that was Dom Perignon 2003.




Wine of the day:

Dom Perignon 2003
Floral on the nose; well structured, with a gritty minerality on the palate; hints of brioches, as well as vanilla, peach and lemon; long finish with salinity. Elegant and complex, it’s a wine that has a real physical presence 

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