I’m on one of my wine trips on these days. In this occasions, for entire days I’m surrounded by top sommeliers from all over the world and wine journalists or bloggers: can you imagine what our conversations sound like? Wine, wine every moment, wine in its every possible form of discussion, to the point that when you hear a man saying “sexy”, you can be pretty sure he’s talking about wine… and it’s not even boring! I must admit, this is my favorite moment of the year!

Getting together with such an international crowd is an amazing possibility to learn a lot from their experiences about different tastes in different countries, new points of view and networking, which we all know how important it is. One thing we all have in common is this big passion we share that, as a matter of facts, makes us all come together on a common ground and, from there, it allows us to go further developing ideas, tastes, pairings, and friendships.

I love the energy that almost everyone shows when discovering terroirs and cultures other that theirs. I don’t think you get this feeling in other industries as well, but I guess it’s quite hard to find.

I’d call it “wonderlust”, in the sense of a desire of always wanting to know more, to taste more, to get deeper into the subject and I always have the almost physical sensations of it growing inside!

It is pure sparkle, it makes me smile just like Champagne does… and guess how much we smiled yesterday night?!




Wine of the day:

Perrier Jouet Belle Époque 2007

Clear pale yellow color with a fine perlage, medium intensity on the nose with white flowers, orange and lemon hints; intense on the palate, with a high acidity and white flowers notes.

To smile for!

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